Herrick, Ltd. was incorporated on 1980-02-05 by Stephanie Herrick, who initially was the sole CPA along with some part-time paraprofessional help. Claude R. Schwesig became associated with the firm in 1983, and John D. Limanek in 1985. On 1987-11-01, Claude and John became the co-owners of the firm, and continued to gradually expand the client base and personnel.

Herrick, Ltd. has always been a Burlington-based firm and, since 1985, has been located in a downtown historical building now owned by John and Claude. During the 1980's we began to computerize, and today we are fully networked using a wide range of sophisticated software. Because Claude is a Canadian citizen and fluent in French, we are in a unique position to offer services to Canada.

Mission Statement

  • To be a comprehensive, service-oriented, accounting, business and financial consulting firm;
  • To serve all needs through a person's life - financial, tax, business, college, retirement, and estate planning;
  • To provide accurate and timely services, support, and advice throughout the year;
  • To participate in continuing education on a regular, on-going basis concerning tax, financial, and business matters;
  • and, to advocate for our clients within the spirit of the various rules and regulations.

Primary Professional Services

We serve:

  • Individuals
  • Estates and Trusts of all types
  • Foundations and Non-Profit organizations
  • Partnerships, LLCs, and LLPs
  • Corporations and business people

We help with:


  • Personal financial and tax planning
  • Small business planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Charitable giving and planning
  • Estate and Trust planning


  • U.S. federal taxes
  • U.S. state taxes
  • Canadian federal and provincial taxes
  • U.S. non-resident tax issues
  • International and expatriate tax matters


  • Compiled and reviewed financial statements
  • Assistance with record keeping policies and procedures
  • Support with report software packages

(Note: some of the above will have expandable links in the future)

Client Evaluation

Our clients include some of the best people - in terms of ethical standards and contributions to the community, as well as in the success of their businesses and investments. We value their quality and we support their goals of financial security through responsible and pragmatic business practices. In many instances, our client relationship resembles a partnership - we become members of their team. Because of this trust, we have set our standards quite high.